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Daily Horoscope Today's Birthday January 20 - February 18 Taurus. April 20 - May If a love relationship has not been going too well in recent weeks.

Finding a friend and companion and also the depth connection Ive always lacked, is and has been the best thing for my life. I was a young girl when I started my previous relationship and my aqua man has been there and helped me make up my ever so indecisive mind, without saying what to do, which I hate, let me make my own decision but help with that too….

After reading what has been said and the article before, my eyes have already seen so much thats been written here. I have, over the last three weeks, maintained my direction of independence and have been asking for the company of aqua man from time to time. I know now that this has probably been the best move Ive made since leaving the Scorpio. From here, the only direction is onwards and the only emotional ride, up and up. Even the friend I have to confide in aqua man is worth the effort to keep him around. Coming from one person who has found and known for a long time, to have no problem across the board with cutting ties and living with no long term close friends, this a person I will know for the rest of my life regardless of relationship status.

If could have one wish, and this is a big deal because it has just changed from the 1 wish I had for 10 yrs, its that everyone had the ability to have and feel what its like to have the best friend, lover, and individuality needed to maintain an awesome life partner. So all those memories of friends come and pass, there will be always, for me, my one known aqua man to share them with and reminisce. I feel in love with my Aqua man instantly… on the first date I knew he was going to have my heart. As described in this article, he always had problems expressing his emotions, but will always do sweet things for me, like fix my door knob, cook for me.

They tend to be very attentive and true gentlemen. I love that about him. We dated for 6 months and we broke up. We are in contact and slowly making things work again. I would not trade him for any other man!

Libra woman and pisces man love compatibility

I love my Aquarian with all my heart. Aquarian men love attention, esp female companionship but we learn to love them for it.

It's this sixth sense that I'm going to marry this man. I'm a definite hopeless romantic BUT how can I resist this lame ass who's always willing to work with me. We share a great respect. Problems we have are that we're never on the same page about most things. In fights we are both always on the defense until we take space and come back stronger. There's an important thing Aquarian men hate — generalising. So don't compare your humanitarian with other Aqua men, "where there's a will, there's a way".

Aqua men don't favour religion but the two in my life are extremely spiritual in their own way. I have my 'caveman' and I also wouldn't trade him for any other star. Relationships are about finding someone that wants to be selfless with you. It's a maturity and boy are you lucky when you find it and the timing is right! Well i think Aquarian men like i am need space. For us to like a woman she should be mysterious and not to easy to get. Aquarian men prize their women.. I love this libran girl and she is damn mysterious and quiet. I dated an Aqua for about 2yrs! We started off nice and slow, we became good friends..

We did everything together, spent every available time together. If i wanted to do something he was the only one i wanted to do it with n vice versa. Then we fall in love, that was fast passionate and sweet. The sex was mind blowing and the romance equally sweet. This was my fantasy relationship and i felt i was living in a dream.

Until our differences got the better of us, i need space too so i also understood when my Aqua needed space, but his disappearing acts became old and annoying. So after putting up and trying hard to fix and work on the relationship with the liar and disappearing act i ended it. It was one of the best relationships i was ever in and also the worst! However best friends we will be!! We aquas like to know that the person we are with is loyal to us and will stick through no matter what idealists we are.

I think too many libras behave like daddys girls so they never really get that they are in a rship with equal input. Other than that…in the event that the two can sort out these differences i think its actually the most fulfilling rship out there among the zodiac signs! Cancer woman : I was with an Aquarius who was overly loving at first; then without warning was overly detached. The best conversations, times, romanced her, a real gentleman. She gave the right hints, I gave mine, intentions were clear. This went on for several months. Then all of a sudden, she just disapeared. Seems like the perfect example of the bad Aqua-Cancer relationship.

What does this look like in action? I often feel like he is much more a mystery than I am to him? He is like no other I have met. I just cant ever tell if hes into me..


I never have to say the same thing twice!!! He pays attention to the little things and makes me laugh! Anyway I am a loving,kind,sweet,caring,affectionate,sexual Libra….. I am seeing an aquarius guy and he does hide his feelings…we are taking it very slow….. I know I really do love him and KNOW that he loves me to rebuilding trust will be my biggest mountain to overcome I just hope that when I do he there and be there the right way.

We really dont have any1 but eachother but all we can is fight. I first thought it was my fault, now i realized that I did nothing wrong…he just scared of his own feelings! I am kind of giving up right now. I really liked him, still do, just have really hard time to deal with the cold behavior, none of my friends behave that way. I am still wondering whether I should initiate the communication or just let him hide in his little world wondering what to do next??? Any suggestions? What you described above is how most typical aquarians behave when confronted with potential intimate relationships.

Comparing them to your friends like you did is in itself a futile practice for obvious reasons. I would suggest you let him go and move on. If he is interested in you, he should come back for you. As a Libra woman married to an Aquarius man for many years, I was amused to read of the couples similarly matched. The one about Eleanor Roosevelt and John Travolta really cracked me up. I disagree. Too much emphasis is placed on them being air signs. Air sign men require balance or otherwise they are ethereal. I am a fire sign and aquarians prefer innate strength and grace. Saggittarians can be just as gracious if not more, plus we are better in bed.

If you are a Libra woman looking for an aqua feel free to let me a message at jsebdurand hotmail dot fr. I have been married to my aqua man for 5 years. What this article says is completely true! Its just like us! I am a libra woman and im in love with a aqua man. I am sooooo in love with him. Libra woman who just met her first Aquarius man…instant attraction between the both of us…he was immediately showing off as soon as I smiled at him, talking with his friends, being funny.

The 2 signs make good friends as well as lovers. I am a libra woman in a relationship with an aquarius man. The second we met it seemed like we were the only two people in the room. He was amazingly attentive, affectionate and just totally smitten with me. Until our first disagreement. He seems to really enjoy holding back on affection, especially when he knows I want it most. He is the second aquarius I have dated in a row. My previous aqua-man was a wonderful, caring man who made it a point to show me how amazing I was.

I have been with my Aquarius boyfriend for a little over 1 year, and lemme tell ya, he is indeed the best thing to ever happen to me. As a Libra woman I love people who can make me think outside of the box and amaze me with their words and he does just that. He is very expressive, romantic, and loving which is very hard to find in men nowadays. I know astrology says Aquarians find it hard to commit and needs plenty space, but my Aquarius is quite the opposite-he sees himself with me for years to come, and most of the time it is I who actually requires space and Me time.

With all things being said, Aquarius man is indeed the best match for Libra women. Nothing is ever forced and everything just flows naturally. Also, I have dated a Gemini in the past and from my experience they are the biggest cheaters out there! Those suckers will look you straight in the eye and lie! Thankfully, my search for the perfect man for me is over. Can someone tell me because im a Libra Girl and My boyfriend is a Aquarius..

I ask him when could we kiss cuz we never had our first kiss before soo he was like when the time is right. I was like.. So he is kind of boring. This relationship match is great but Libra Woman and Virgo Man is better. I agree through my past relationship experiences. Still good though. Im an Aquarius, with a Libra girl.

She likes to feel all loved but ill admit im a lil emotional detached because I trust few, but care about many nd I wanna do something big for humanity I love helpin people. Im not used to this at all! She can actually keep up with me on an intellectual level. So I think up stuff to send her like:.

So I hope you show the world the true meaning of the word beauty when you read this. I dare you to find THAT im a thesaurus ha! I see an Aquarius Male regularly. Its as if he has always been there in my life. We just mesh well. We meet up, snuggle, watch tv, talk a little, sleep and then move on. Overall, this Aquarius male seems content with whatever which is why I maintain interactions with him happens and I find that in itself soothing. I keep many different men who fulfill different needs for me. In my experience with males of other signs and Libra females, I have boiled it down to this: Aquarius Males: Fun, Light and Comfortable.

Scorpio Males — excellent for intense conversations, and mind blowing sex. Romance, but with a level head. And just the right amount of upper hand for a whimsical Libra. I am a Libra and considered myself old. I met my Aquarius husband 3 years ago and we finally got married. We were classmates in 6th grades and again saw each other during our school reunion. We are so in love and sex is out of this world. We both respect each others desires and we both fulfills each others dreams. Since we started at this old age, we promised to each other that we will be together until the time comes.

And he is the MAN for me. Thank you Lord.

Libra Personality Traits

Peace and love to you all. I love Aqua. Libras I have dated Aquarius. My best relationship in my life was Aqua Jan So there you can see how they love us. Dated another Aquarius Feb 7th meet him online. I miiiss his ass! Masculine but gentle to me: Yes I teased him. I knew if we so happen to do the Sex, He would light my ass up. Libra 21 continued…. Also his heart was broken by who? Another Libra… So I wanted him to trust me. I lost contact and even tried to search for him but no luck:- every time I hear Vivian Green Forever song It reminds me of him talking to me on that Stormy night.

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Now My Aqua now is Feb 13 He loves me! Bought me a car spoil me just all hunni. Even we he goes on his disappearing acts? Keep silent. I so love these Men. But Aqua 1st hope I helped ladies. Takes notes and Take Care. I dated an Aquarius guy when I was much younger and I will admit this, of all the guys that I have ever dated, he is by far my best ever. He is sensitive, loving, intelligent and pays attention to every detail. He always complimented what I wore, noticed when I had made a slight change to my hair and he always made me feel comfortable in my own skin. He made me feel like a million dollars and I found solace in his arms.

Aquarians are, to my opinion, the best matches for Libra women. He really hurt me. I thought he might be the one, finally. Libras are the best there is… Aries are too, but libras are the best… We complement each other, unlike the aries that complete us… My best relationship has been with a libra, we were on for 4 years until she started seeing another aqua man… I still wonder why, but im happier this way… Would love to have a libra woman as a buddy, for now….

Libra compatibility

Physical abuse started by him only 3 months into the relationship. His moods are incredibly yo-yo like and he quite possibly might need medication at this point. I am Libra. He is Aquarius. A fateful encounter. Perfect relationship!! I Was Born to Love You. Just met a Libra and WTF! I feel so electrically charged when we are near each other. After 11 years my Taurus is lazy and not into spicing up our sex life. The Sagittarius is a very social creature. The Sagittarius can work the room and can get along with most people. The Sagittarius is one of the most social signs of the horoscope. Things are so easy for the Sagittarius that the Sagittarius can easily develop the same problem the Libra has.

The Sagittarius can have a tough time making a decision about long term commitment. However, the Sagittarius makes choices much faster than the Libra. Due to their similar, adaptable and sociable natures, the Sagittarius and the Libra can get along quite well in marriage relationships. Marriages involving a pair of Libra signs are actually very positive.

The great thing about Libra is that they tend to take the other extreme when they are matched with another Libra. This results in Libras either cancelling each other out or balancing each other out, depending on how you look at it. As mentioned above, one of the most extreme manifestations of Libra character is a person who cannot make a decision. This is a person who has a fear of commitment. On the other extreme is a Libra that is so committed that the person is imbalanced.

When you put these two extremes together, they can actually produce something positive. They can produce equilibrium. Given enough time and maturity, this can actually blossom and there would be something that is mutually fulfilling; and most importantly, it leads to higher levels of a mental, emotional, financial and spiritual growth for both partners. The Taurus is a great match for the Libra if the Libra is content playing a supporting role. The Taurus likes to take charge and likes to move forward. The Libra is good with superficiality and is good with getting along.

Depending on how ambitious the Taurus partner is, the Libra can get give guidance so that the Taurus can make the right choices. In terms of material and financial security, this can be a great match. The Aries is another sign that is all about moving forward. Unlike the Taurus that has a lot of strength and willpower, Aries is gruffer. The Aries also suffers a little bit from ego. The Aries is all about taking credit.

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The Aries is all about grabbing the limelight. This can get quite annoying to most people, however, the Libra is so balanced and so mellow. As long as the relationship moves forward, and delivers results that both are happy with, they can balance each other out. They can complement each other instead of constantly grating against each other. These are the main signs which are best matched to Libra in marriage in