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Daily Horoscope Today's Birthday January 20 - February 18 Taurus. April 20 - May If a love relationship has not been going too well in recent weeks.

I Study Cycles

Quoting Ilovepippin. Suryananda,yo no creo que tu me entendieste correcto. Mi pergunta era el effecto de "supermoon.

Market Astrology

Quoting Suryananda. I work the wheat-corn spread. I think the agricultural market can go up much with the super-moon on the 19th to 3rd April. I think it may be a good opportunity to be LONG, especially in soybeans and wheat. I usually calculate ayanamsa Lahiri or ayanamsa Fagan-Bradley.


These charts from him are tropical. Thank you. Caution though, because the corn chart is showing divergence in MACD and volume. It also broke the upward trendline. Chances are that a top is in. However, with the disaster commodities may rise again. Watch the trendline, a retest is likely. On an upward break I will be more willing to follow a bullish scenario. Hi Suryananda! Do you think markets turn bearish because of it? I noted that the Lunar Node has a half-period and a full period of those lengths.


It appeared that planetary cycles were linked to price cycles. After two years, I began to apply the planets to prices. All of the previous books and studies that I had accumulated suffered from several drawbacks. The first was that the analyses were based upon a limited number of years, either due to lack of data or lack of computing power. In addition, many of the studies omitted the Lunar Node or treated the effect of the degree square the same as the effect of the degree square, as Bradley did. I began by casting horoscopes of incorporation in my position as a junior securities analyst in New York City.

Charles Jayne had done some work with such charts, and found some correlation to share price movements. The dates and times were obtained from the state of Delaware, which does require an exact time of incorporation for each company. We analysts were rated by the accuracy of our earnings projections. I would adjust my numbers according to the condition of the incorporation chart, raising the estimates above the mean when the chart was well-aspected and dropping them below the median when the chart was afflicted.

In the words of my supervisor, I significantly excelled with my projections. Not satisfied with the relationship of the chart of incorporation with share price movements, I turned to the horoscope of first trade. The dates were obtained from the Exchange beginning in the s. The charts were set for the time of the opening of the exchange, 10 am until and AM since. This marks the moment at which one could actually buy the stock.

For big and well-known issues, the trading usually begins immediately. Today, the actual time of the first trade can be obtained for new issues on systems that have intraday prices. This was an odd statement, coming from a trader. That is the dilemma of most market followers-they do not look at events that occur in the future. I began to look at planetary positions because these can be computed with great accuracy many years in advance.

The only trick then is to determine how the phenomena relate to the specific market in question. The use of astrology in stock market prediction may seem like a natural, but there has been surprisingly little research until recently. The early pioneers in the field were limited by the sheer amount of number crunching.

About Barry Ritholtz

Gann has been credited with the use of astrology in price forecasting. Johndro, according to Charles Jayne. Because Brown quickly followed Johndro to the next world, we have no way of verifying this. After the crash, there was no interest in market research of any kind.

He followed this with a book about commodity trading entitled Cyclical Market Forecasting Stocks and Grain.

They primarily relied upon transiting aspects and horoscopes of companies. This speed changes from day to day. Periodically the speed comes to a stand-still. At such times the planet moves from a direct motion into a retrograde motion or from a retrograde to a direct motion It is advisable to follow the market in the direction the day Mercury changes its speed. Usually the trend begun at such time is good for from 4 days to a week. February It was a top and we went down until February 14th. George Bayer: Books

The movement was a minor reaction of two cents. March 5th, Mercury at 0. Sharp up move for three days, extending nearly 4 cents. It was a low from which an upmove of 6c came forth. March 28th, Mercury at 0. This case did not give a clear cut movement, in fact considering we had declined two days previous already, we would be inclined to expect an up move on that change.

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But we sold off slightly. Would call it a failure. Moving downward from the 20th also the 21st, called for a reversal upward for several days we did get.