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Daily Horoscope Today's Birthday January 20 - February 18 Taurus. April 20 - May If a love relationship has not been going too well in recent weeks.

There are two Suns in this equation, separated by strong boundaries of Saturn. The fact that we are speaking of a Capricorn in the first place, gives a strong emphasis on parental, fatherly issues, and authority that one must respect and be shielded from, at the same time.

Passion must be well-balanced and followed, and their true inner process comes down to the building of a complete personality, apart from personalities of those they were influenced by.

January 14

It is one of the feminine signs in the zodiac, although the exaltation of Mars might lead us to believe it is primarily filled with initiative and masculine, proactive, vigor. These symbols speak of a choice to remain passive, restrain oneself, and in a way, create solid boundaries to the outer world through faith. This is a truly interesting Sabian symbol, as it speaks of such strong masculine entities and archetypal battles of father and Sun, through such a tender, feminine energy, submissive towards faith in its higher force.

It obviously sends a message to accept things as they are and remain in a spiritual state of belief, until the skies clear up and they learn how to attract what they wish for wit a little more ease.

January 14 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for January 14th

With so many inner personality struggles, these individuals might feel overburdened and pressured in many ways. Their task is to discover the feminine power within, no matter their gender, for it will give them the loving emotion and balance they seek between them and the outer world.

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They should find a way to discover balance and inspiration, doing things with ease and a flow that enables self-worth to finally blossom. For a person born on the 14th of January, emotional fulfillment is one of their biggest priorities.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Once they discover what healthy boundaries look like, they will have a chance to be with someone equal, in a relationship where both partners build their individuals lives, sharing them through love and acceptance. Those born on the 14th of January will excel in creative work and be a bit theatrical in their approach to life. This leads to their excellence in acting, drama, art, and managerial positions too, but only if they have a solid foundation to work from and an education to serve their biography.

With the right support of the system, they can become very successful politicians, or turn to marriage counseling and matchmaking once they build their own emotional state of satisfaction. When choosing a stone for January 14th born, we need to understand the connection of the Sun and Saturn they have a task to create. Yellow sapphire is the best way to go, for not only does it heal burnout, depression, lack of energy and exhaustion, but it also stimulates the intellect and it will help them understand things they feel through relationships with other people.

It is a crystal that intensifies one's commitment to their life purpose and their karmic agreements. Those born on January 14th have a sensitive world of personal space and boundaries, they are shy even when they seem straightforward, and their gifts always need to be respectful to make them feel good.

If you push things too far and go with something funny and a bit degrading, it might be a mistake in the long run. Discover their hobby and buy something in connection to it, show interest in their career and their creative side. On another note, giving back to those in need could bring a double dose of good vibes — for them and you. You're focused on your career today and it might be hard for you not to compare yourself or your accomplishments to someone else. The best thing to do is to celebrate where you are and give yourself some credit where it's due.

You don't need to get anyone else's validation. You might be in the mood for a getaway today. If a trip isn't on the agenda, you might feel motivated to start planning one. Either way, you should find yourself in the mood for experiences that feed your mind and your spirit. Don't be afraid to go after what you want. You might be in your feels today as you could be obsessing over something from the past. While the feeling may be uncomfortable, honoring what you feel could be the biggest step in being able to move on.

Being honest about your emotional needs is the key to getting them met. Partnerships and collaborations are where your attention is called today as you can get more done with help from another rather than trying to go solo. On the flip side, someone could come calling on your help or assistance. Just be mindful of overextending yourself or ignoring your needs.

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Your health and well-being are at the forefront today as you're encouraged to give your body what it needs. That includes going to bed at a reasonable time and not packing your schedule to the gills. When it comes to helping others today, do what you can.

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Exercise boundaries. Love and romance are in the air for you today as you might find yourself in the mood for some sexy playtime. Though even if you're flying solo today, you'll have the most fun when you actively search out the people and places that bring you joy. Give yourself a break.

Home and family are on your mind today as you might be preoccupied with a home-related matter or providing some sort of care or assistance to someone you love. On the flip side, if you could use a little TLC, let your family nurture and nourish you.