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Daily Horoscope Today's Birthday January 20 - February 18 Taurus. April 20 - May If a love relationship has not been going too well in recent weeks.

Just that its strength decreases in the ability to do good. Dear Sir, How will Rahu placed at 20 degree in libra for kumbha lagna behave? Deeply appreciate your insight Siri. Shanivat Rahu is only applicable for the generic effects of Rahu for functional effects, it gives the results of planets that conjunct or aspect it secondly it gives the effects of the rashi lord of the rashi its placed in as well as the nakshatra lord that it is placed in.

Sri VS: What happens when there is a graha yudh? Supposing Mars and Jupiter are posited in the 1st house and Mars wins.. It will act as a very strong conjunction. Sri VS: If Jupiter is sitting in Libra, is it sitting in a neutral house since Venus sees it as neutral; on the other hand, if Venus is in Pisces is it sitting in an enemy house not taking into account temporal relationships? Thank you for the report. Could you Please tell me if a Thank you!! My understanding is 5 degree is deepest debilitation, 1 degree is lowest debilitation, and anywhere beyond 5, debilitation does not exist.

Does not mean its strong because it is within 6 degrees of its lowest point and hence will have a low shadbal. Hi sir Venus in Pisces 17 degree will have any exaltation results? But my Mars is at Is my mars weak and is there any chance that my income may get affected? Tnx in advance. Baaladi avastha is just one of the things to consider. THQ very much sir for ur reply.. Also can u pls answer whether a planet which is debilitated as well as in retrograde in main horoscope acts as an exalted planet?

Dear Sir: I have a couple of questions on the dispositor relationship. I will use Mars-Saturn example to ask the questions. If Saturn, for example, is in Scorpio and Mars is in Aries for a Libra lagna native, then Mars is considered to be strong because it is in Mooltrikona, but Saturn is considered to be weak because it is in Scorpio. Mars is also aspecting Saturn through its 8th aspect. In this case, although Mars becomes the dispositor of Saturn, can Saturn mahadasha be good for the native?

The confusion comes from the following issues: 1 Saturn is Raj yoga karaka for Libra lagna; 2 But Saturn is in enemy sign, 3 The dispositor Mars is strong but is in 6th-8th relationship with Saturn, and is also aspecting Saturn. How to judge the Saturn mahadasha based on this planetary position and relationship? Also the divisional and nakshatra placements will be important. Thank you for your quick response. Rahu and Ketu appear to have been classified differently in different sources. And by sources I mean well recognized sources. So I did my own math to figure out i the permanent relationships of Rahu and Ketu and ii how Rahu and Ketu are treated for other planets.

I will restrict this message to just i and for ii I will post a separate message to maintain clarity. Your results appear to be different. Are there exceptions that apply to Rahu and Ketu that is yielding different results? I am using Saturn as an example here. However as per your table above I see you have classified Ketu as neutral.

New Series: Exalted and Debilitated Planets in Astrology

Ketu is a neutral as it treats Saturn as a friend. However Saturn treats ketu is partially enmical. Rahu is a friend both ways with Saturn. By this house logic of parasara, since rahu and Saturn own the same MK in your definition — Aquarius, then how can they be inimical to each other? That would mean for every planet, since it owns the 1st sign and not in the list of 2,4…becomes inimical to itself? I think rahu and Saturn consider each other as friends ketu and Saturn are overall netural as one considers the other a friend while the other is uneasy with Ketu.

My whole chart am. Plz explain my Saturn result Till date I m suffering a lot not having any pleasure in any section in life. Here my 8th and 9th house lords Sun and Mercury respectively exchanged houses, ie…Sun in 9th house and Mercury in 8th house. Does it create Vipareet Rajyoga as 6th lord and 8th lord are exchanging houses as mercury is also the ruler of 6th house. Jupiter, venus and rahu are same 5th house and sign libra.. What doest it mean and how does it effect? In my chart Libra lagna , Saturn Retrograde is placed in 5th house in Aquarious at 25degrees while Sun is placed in 11th house in Leo at 29 degrees.

Both of them are in own signs. Do they destroy each other? And how does it affect the houses they rule? Thanks in advance. My venus in taurus 4th house …28 degree …how much weight of diamond should I wear ……as I m kumbha lagna nstive. Thanku Sir. A lot will depend on the placement of the depositor of the planet. So if Capricorn lagna, Saturn is in aries and fully aspecting its own house — lagna, it does not by itself help the lagna. Infact it will give ill health and damage the 1st house features of health, character, personality etc. Now the above results will be modified.

Exaltation dictionary definition | exaltation defined

So all this you can learn from doing case studies. Only then can a meaningful result be reached. Is that true? If that conjunction is in 7th house, would it still make the native manglik or does the auspiciousness of mars-venus conjunction overpower that? First of all, i greatly applaud your painstaking work of simplifying the concepts of astrology for a beginner like me. I consider you as one of my Gurus to teach me astrology in this age of internet. I have been slowly reading and re-reading your pages, one day at a time. This is just a beginning for me and there is a long way to go deep diving in this vast ocean of astrology.

As you mentioned in one of your pages that the burning desire of learning astrology should be rekindled everyday to achieve small steps day after day. Just read through your dignity of planets chart. Thanks a bunch, for this is the most simplified chart i came across to memorize it. I, however, would suggest you to change a small error in the chart. Under permanent basis chart for mercury, you have mentioned Rahu as both friend and neutral. I think it should be Jupiter instead of Rahu under neutral for Mercury.

How will the results for combination be? Thank you. Sir, what if Sun My question is :- Will Jupiter fully combust because in navansha Aries Lagna also Sun and Jupiter are together in 12th house and 12th sign Pisces?. Mars is in 10th house in Navansha also. Thanks in Advance for your guidance.

Retrograte Excalted jupiter in 3rd house of taurus lagana. Is it having good or bad results in his mahadasha. Dear Vivek, my question is little bit out of topic, but still I think it may interest many. What will be effect of Venus in Pisces in Gandanta? Do you consider Venus after 27 degrees of Pisces still exalted or it is more like mooltrikona as some schools suggests? Venus at the end of Pisces is deeply exalted peak at 27 degrees venus is mooltrikona only in Libra from 0 to 15 degrees and not in pisces or taurus. Its not just about enemy or not. Liekwise, Mars — a planet of impulse and aggression finds stability and control in the sign of Saturn which tends to restrain and slow down things.

Yes, Jupiter remains strong, the exaltation definition mathematically might be over after 5 degrees, however jupiter will give very strong results. I am confused which one to give more weightage.. One one hand ,Vargottama planets are very strong.. Sri VS: How significant is the Kalpurush house? I have seen 2 cases, scorpio ascs, with Mars sitting in the 11th Kanya which would indicate good laba from Mars but also general bad health.

In both cases, the lord of the 4th Saturn is sitting in the 9th house not a bad placement but is the 4th Kalpurush house aspecting the 11th and both have heart issues. Can you comment on the kalpurush house tenants aspecting a house counted from Pakka lagna? Mars for Scorpio becomes a negative planet as its MK sign is in 6th of which it is also karaka for accidents, injuries, litigation etc then in virgo its weak and unhappy in an imical sign then virgo is the worst place for scorpio as a domain…because mercury is toxic and 11th is a MK sign so most evil house Saturn in 9th is in an imical sign also and being enemy of lagna lord is bad for health as well.

Ketu has to be seen as the co lord of lagna in this case as well as mercury and moon the depositors of the said planets. I just found your website, it is very interesting thought. I am french, i have a particular combution aspect. Virgo lagna Whe i look at your explanations, each of these planets are in the same house so become Temporary Enemy am i right? At the same time, sun has past its weaker point in Libra but venus is approaching it strongest point in libra.

Sun being lord of 12th, i suppose it destroyes partially venus no? However in this case, venus is stronger than sun and its also a nighttime birth when sun is weaker left side of the horoscope. Hence it becomes an indirect yoga for wealth as 2nd lord and 12th are together but 2nd is much stronger than 12th. Thanks for your reply. I also read you define Rahu sign being virgo and Ketu own sign is pisces. They get stronger in this case? I think the main sign of Rahu is Aquarius and exaltation both in Taurus and Gemini. It behaves like own house in virgo ketu own sign is scorpio.

The dispositor Venus has good sthaana bal being 5 degrees to lagna but is debilitated. Mercury is sitting with exalted Jupiter and I believe that does no remove the neech of Venus. Venus is not a functional benefic being lord of 7th and 12th. Does venus still do good for example, removing obstacles, enemies?

The intent of Venus will still be to do good. However the ability it has will depend on the strength of its rashi and nakshatra depositors as well as the other aspects it has. Any planet sitting in the 6th, 10th, 12th and 2nd will be affecting Venus fully in this situation. Sir, In my Horoscope Venus So is that Venus has full power? Venus is good or bad mor me? My venus and moon are great enemies while mutually calculating them using your chart.

How do I get around this issue and appease them so to lessen the pain? VS, The lord of the Rasi where a planet is exalted becomes a neutral to the planet even if the relationship is inimical from the other side, example Mars to saturn. Is this correct? No planet exalts in a sign where it considers the ruler an enemy. Its either a friend or neutral. All these 3 planets are in Utra. Should it be wearing a stone or donation? I am really confused about this?

I will really appreciate if you give your suggestions on this or point me to any of your published documents about it. I have a quick question. Do you think, or are there claims in the astro books you have read that when a planet is not in the house of debilitation but is close to it say, the next house , the debilitative nature is still present but would not be as high as it would have been had the planet been in house of perfect debilitation?

For example, Sun is debilitated in Libra, but would it still be somewhat debilitated in Virgo — at least would it be less powerful in Virgo than in, say, Taurus or Gemini? In other words, I want to know if debiltation and exaltation are an all or nothing phenomenon or if they are gradual — waxing and waning as they get near or moving away from their maximum potency. When a planet is one sign before its fall, it starts of become weak as its approaching its fall.

ANywhere in between, simple mathematical calculation. What will be the effect. Can u please tell the effect of planets ,which is having high power in ruling the house. Yoga means a combination. Debilitation or other dignity just represents the strength of the planet s and hence the strength of the Yoga s. In the summary chart above for dignity, I believe for Mercury is inadvertently tabulated wrongly. Please double check and let me know. Dear Sir How do we should consider the rashi strength of planets like Saturn, Jupitor or Rahu, as they remain in one sign for more than a year.

Like if Saturn enters in Makar rashi then people having birth for next 5 years will find Saturn in its own sign in their natal chart…!

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I have Jupitor in Makar rashi along with Mars with 9 aunsh difference in 10th house, so shall we consider Jupitor as week, but then so many people taken birth in that one year will have debiliated Jupitor. I have raid this entire blog and have really impressed with all the answers, hence to enhance my understanding of the subject I aksed this question. In Jupiter dasa, he became president and previous to president, he had a strong rise in politics from a nobody to a senator and then president at a young age.

Saturn joins Jupiter in lagna causing sasa mahapurush yoga and making Jupiter a neecha bhang raj yoga. In addition both Jupiter and Saturn have an exalted moon in 5th house trinal to them. Hello Vivek, When natural benefics are retrograde in the natal chart, what is your observation apart from their unpredictability, tending to mimic a conjuct planet which I guess would be common to all planets regarding their ability to do good? Also, during the forward motion in gochaara of these planets, would I have to factor in the the natal retrogression?

Typically the retrogression of jupiter is less bad than venus.

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Example, Pisces asc, Budhan in Virgo? Both are in MKS but the yogas they form are strong. Is MKS secondary? Yes, MKS also does not affect the planet and or yogas themselves, they give some damage to the involved bhaav. However in this case Saturn in own house and navamsa and hence sasa mahapurush yoga. Thus overall the negatives are lesser than the positives. He might have some friction in relationships that is not obvious enough to the public. What happens to the 7th and 9th? This main planet s dignity and placement will be paramount in a horoscope. When this planet is very powerful, the strength of the entire horoscope elevates to some extent.

Hi vivek sir I recently read b v raman book on notable horoscope. Any planets here manifest in the extroverted part of life for an individual. Thanks vivek sir. War is technically true within 1 degree. Hello sir, what happen,cancer asendent Jupiter 19degree with ketu 6degree in lagna and saturn 0degree with rahu in Capricorn..

For libra ascendant if venus placed in 8th house of taurus along with mercury and sun.. Hi vivek sir Does the concept of sign exchange work in divisional chart? How would a Gajakesari yoga be for libra lagna which has Jupiter and moon together with rahu in 11th house of leo sign..

I forgot to mention it is for a virgo ascendant and I would also like to know if at the age of 20 rahu mahadasha is heavier than older age. Furthermore, virgo ascendant degree is 14 and Mercury is 14 degree in Taurus with sun and degree of sun is 3. However if moon and mercury are strong, then Rahu can not control the emotions and intellect and thus does not damage much.

Example mars exalted means the energy is disciplined, focused and dedicated and the temper and impulse as the negative parts of mars are controlled and channelized. Hello VS: I read the following in the web. Own rasi of a planet e. One is most natural and comfortable at home. That is exactly what a planet in own rasi is. Moolatrikona of a planet e. One is powerful and duty-minded at office. Exaltation sign of a planet e. So an exalted planet is like an excited person at his favorite picnic spot.

Debilitation sign of a planet e. A debilitated planet is like an unhappy person stuck at a place he hates. I am thinking.. Can you kindly comment? MK means it feels as if its in it own place where it has to execute its main work. Dear VS, for this same exalted Mars, if its retrograde, how would its characteristics change? Thanks AJ.

Any retrograde planet inlcuding rahu and ketu will act more like its sign depositor. So how well saturn is placed, where its placed, its shadbal and dignity etc will now become very important. Thanks VS, since this exalted retrograde mars will behave more like its rashi depositor, will it also behave like the planet its conjunct with just like rahu ketu do coz they are also retrograde? How do we explain the seeming contradiction that planets sitting in same bhav are temporary enemies? Say 9th lord and 10th lord are Moon and Sun and doing a Rajayoga in 10th house in Leo.

No such coloring. A raj yoga remains a raj yoga. If in a chart of virgo Lagna…sun and ketu in 1st house of virgo and rahu in 7th house of pieces becomes vargottam in navamsa with rahu in 1st house of pieces lagna and sun and ketu in 7th house of virgo all in good dignity so would these 3planet give harmful results since ketu and rahu gaining strength in 7th house is bad for marraige and etc.

Saturn is in 7th house of cancer. Sun is in 10th house — libra. Can a person expect marriage or career support during this period. Venus with 17 degree in aries asc chart in purvafalguni nakshtra pada 2 in 5 house of leo indicates beautiful spouse? Mars is missing. Cannot understand how. Perhaps a Typo. Rahu and mars are enemies and rahu and mercury are friends, if that is what you intended to ask. No mars and mercury are inimical to each other, especially mars considers mercury as enemy.

Mercury considers mars as neutral. For aries lagna if 4planets are placed in 6th house of virgo sun Jupiter and mars if placed well in the chart can still give good results. Jupiter is in 7th house of libra and mars is in 8th house of scorpio.. Is it true that if some1 has exalted bhagyesh lord of 9th house of d1 chart in shastima chart one will have luck to achieve the desired goal of his life….

Hi VS, This is my second question on your blog. I am completely aware that personal horoscope related questions are not entertained, but the query is based upon my horoscope without making it personal.. Since I am facing lots of problems in my career regarding growth for last years, I am compelled to accept this fact. But would really like to know from you that is it the real truth? Does any planet in any rashi below 3 degrees becomes poor, as all the 4 movable rasis are vargottama within first 3.

Is strengthening a malefic in the malefic 11th bhaav good? Regarding the temporal relationship, it is said that if a planet is in 2,3,4,12,11,10 house from it it becomes temporal friend. My question is if in the 1st house planet A is there with 0 degree and planet B in the 4th house in 29 degree, so technically they are friends, so they are separated by nearly degrees, whereas if A would have been at 29 degrees in 1st house and B at 1 degree in 5th house, they do not qualify for friends, in this case they are separated by only around 90 degrees. I think we need to see the two planets in degree terms rather than the house numbering, but what would bethe degree range or 90 degree on either side to consider a temporal friend?

Example, the 8th lord sitting in the 9th or the 9th lord sitting in the 8th. Do you agree? Also the domain is important. Not always is the 8th domain negative. Thus mercury as 9th lord sitting in 8th in this case will not cause damage by itself and could actually give wealth depending on other factors. Hello sir, I have a basic question regarding neech bhang raj yoga In a virgo ascendant , mercury 24 deg and venus 7 deg conjunct in lagna but venus is combust as sun 29 deg is sitting in 12th house. No in this scenario the combusiton will be namesake due to the degrees. Neechabanga yoga can still exist.

Thanks very much. If at Raasi conjunction of two planets promises a yoga but those planets are separated at Bhava will that yoga works out or not. If one planet sits as 29 degrees in taurus and another at 1 degree in gemini, they are still conjunct. This relation apply to ruler planet too? Thank you! How to calculate Retograde power of a planet.

Is Jesta Balam and Retograde power or same. Ashtakvarga bindus when high help overall, however this is a secondary factor for a horoscope analysis and more relevant only for transits as opposed to general predictions. NBRY does not happen in non kendra houses. Only Neecha bhang can happen. Raj yoga occurs only if the bhang is taking place in a kendra from lagna atleast and ideally from moon also. If the depositor is also a general benefic, then even a stronger raj yoga occurs. Aplanet with 3. Depositor means constellation depositor or sign depositor.

I have said here many times.

Role and importance of Moon in Vedic astrology

You have to look at the sign depositor then nakshatra then navamsa. All 3 have to be seen with most importance to sign then nakshatra then navamsa. Functional Nature means Benefic or Malefic. Fb means good bad or neutral by the house it rules in a chart. Some articles refer that the planet in highest degree is almost dead. But as of i heard only Vakri planets is connected with past life pendings,incompleted wishes and all.

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Rahu is in Saggi. During the Venus Dasa, the lady developed cysts in the ovaries. Jupter has a -ve aspect on Venus and venus is bothered by Moon. Venus is a FM being 11th lord. The placement of the moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests. When the moon is in Taurus, it is easy to sink into the moment, be in the body, and enjoy the delights of the five senses.

This elemental earth sign brings out your capacity to revel in earthly life. Enjoying a languid intimacy in a cozy atmosphere sounds like the perfect day. Taurus is the slow mover of the zodiac, meaning that everything is savored thoroughly. That might mean if the moon is in Taurus for you , that you get deep pleasure out of dancing and really feeling the groove of the music. Its general quality is a fixed sign, which means it inspires you to go into something fully, to flesh it out.

The Taurus energy helps you discover your natural talent. There isn't the linking, as in "the ruler of your Fifth House is in the Tenth," so it is a less dynamic factor in astrological analysis. Nevertheless, planets in signs of their exaltation are "dignified," i. Both show a positive connection between a planet and a sign, yet apart from this difference of application, the distinctions between rulership and exaltation are not entirely clear.

One idea, however, is that exaltation represents the highest expression of a planet's energy while rulership is its most effective expression. The word "exalted" implies something superior, or an idealized form of a planet's potential. The Sun is exalted in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which represents pure existence. While the Sun rules Leo, where ego-consciousness is developed, Aries is the spark of life, its primal expression. A planet in the sign opposite its exaltation is in its "fall," symbolizing a difficult relationship between planet and sign.

These categories reflect the similarity or dissimilarity of planet and sign and their ease of expression. However, while some astrologers use exaltations and rulerships to describe the quality of the soul or the nature of past lives, it's important to consider that every chart is perfect in its own right.

Easy is nice, of course, but not always better. The Sun's fall is in Libra, the relationship sign that must compromise solar will to meet the needs of others. The Moon, representing nourishment, is exalted in the rich Earth sign of Taurus.